Top 8 Key Blog Graphic Design Elements That Define A Great Blog

Top 8 Key Blog Graphic Design Elements That Define A Great Blog

Many blogs out there are desperately competing with each other to get the most attention from passing by web-surfers. That’s why your blog has to be more attractive to win people’s notice.

Let’s start with the key blog graphic elements to see if any of them can contribute to your chance of being spotted in the highly competitive virtual world.


First things first, a logo is like your second profile image (avatar). It needs to be made with consideration so that if people can’t remember your avatar when they first visit your graphics blog, at least they may remember your logo.

The most preferred place to put the logo is usually near the profile image. For consistency, you should use the same text fonts and colors of your brand. More about how to choose text fonts for blog graphics will be discussed later in this guide.


It was proved that there’s a connection between the popularity of a picture (plus the blog posting it) and its emotional content. The rate of how viral your graphic blog can get may grow directly in proportion to how strongly the emotions are poured into your photograph.

Here’s a tip for those who aren’t sure what kind of emotions should be employed: just put yourself in their shoes, you’ll have an idea of what your blog readers may feel.

Simple Design

Don’t get carried away when designing your graphics blog. It’s understandable that blog graphic designers are tempted to add details to their works in the hope that they would be more impressive and attractive to the readers. But such designs often make your blog muddled. And readers usually don’t have time to admire.

So, keep thing simple by using less than three shades and three text fonts. For the latter, you can enhance the primary text font with different attributes or weights. And again, don’t go wild though and try to keep them to a minimum.

Background Choice

As for the background for your design, it is advisable to use one pattern, solid color, or image. You can take these items from your own collection or on the internet, but there’re still general rules to remember:

  • Choose a simple picture that isn’t too clustered. Better yet, select one that has “white space” available, so you can add the title here and there.
  • Make sure the color shades and style of your background are consistent with the trademark.
  • Make sure the selected image has the relevant context to the subject.
  • You can use a filter for the image, be sure to sync your whole post graphics with the use of that same filter.

Blog Headers Are Important!

The headers of the blog are often at the start or somewhere just under the introduction of a blog post. Usually, their role is to feature said post’s headline in a graphical, appealing form. They are the hooks to effectively pull your spectators into the blog post – if done correctly.

There’re posts that are sans of headers, too. And though people still can read on just fine if the content is good enough, an attractive blog header will enhance the chance of their keeping on reading your blog article.

Text Fonts

Many blog graphic designers make the mistake of spending too much time on crafting the sub-headers and headlines that they leave out the text. As said, the blog header has its graphical background and it is undeniably significant. But the thing is, the text, which is the star of the whole creation, is even more important.

After all, how can the blog speak to your viewers and would any reader care to visit your blog if the contained messages are all blurry and unclear? That’s why you should be careful with the presentation of the texts in the blog header.

Below are points you need to consider when selecting the fonts and text placement:

  • Use clear, crisp fonts to ensure that the text doesn’t consume much time to decipher
  • Use text fonts that are best consistent with your trademark
  • Only use the fancier fonts to add certain highlights when necessary
  • Use contrast effect within your font choice
  • Center on or align the text to one side of the picture – anywhere to keep your message from getting submerged in a whirl of fancy text fonts


Theoretically speaking, it’s best to choose subtle patterns like geometrics or gradients, styled pictures, or solid colors that don’t include lots of contrast. However, you can employ whatever colors you like because, in certain cases, contrasting shades can go very well with the right graphic design.

Just don’t get too carried away though. If you’re not sure, keep to an easy color scheme. It’s always safest and most professional when your blog graphic is featured by these 3 kinds of color:

  • A primary color
  • A touch of grey
  • A color for your marketing words

Blog Graphic Size

To be more exact, it’s about the sizes of the images used for your blog graphic on some social networks. As a blogger you should always remember that social media outlets will frequently update their design’s interfaces, which means image sizes are bound to change as well.

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