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It enables equal access to online content and services for all people, including those with disabilities.

In practice, authoring an accessible website includes:

  • Content is structured using code that indicates information types and hierarchies.
  • Marking-up content with ‘hooks’ that enable content to be effectively accessed with supportive technologies (such as screen readers).
  • Creating an interface that is device-neutral, for example supports keyboard alternatives to mouse-based interaction.


AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It helps to use the abilities of JavaScript, the Document Object Model, and XML to create interactivity on the web. It is described as a collection of technologies used to automatically update and manipulate the information on a web page while it is being viewed in a browser (i.e. without the user having to manually refresh the page).

This allows developers to create more sophisticated web pages and applications without having to add to the native capabilities of the browser. A key component is the use of XMLHttp Request, a function originally added to browsers by Microsoft, to exchange data in the background with one or more web servers.

Animated GIF

A single graphic file that contains a series of images which are displayed in sequence to give the illusion of movement or change over time.

Animation is best used sparingly on the text intensive web pages. Movement may add a dynamic feel to content but it also distracts the user from reading text on the page.


It is a programme that runs inside another application such as web browser. The programme starts when the page it is contained within is downloaded.

Applets are used to create features including news bars (tickers) or more sophisticated interfaces than those supported by the HTML standard.

Java is an example of a coding language in which applets can be created.