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Dynamic Hypertext Mark up Language is an extension to the standard HTML language introduced by version 4+ browsers (Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer).It allows web pages to react to the users' input, such as displaying a web page based on the type of browser or computer users are viewing a page with.


DNS stands for Domain Name System. A domain name system (DNS) server resolves a domain name to an internet protocol (IP) address.

For example, the domain name www.webworldexperts.com is resolved to the IP address


A domain name is the textual identifier or an address for a website, for example: www.webworldexperts.com

Doorway/gateway page

A gateway page is a sub page of a website that caters to a particular audience; either directly: by providing information addressing to the requirements of that audience; or indirectly: by aggregating the content by subject/topic area.


DPI stands for dots-per-inch. It specifies the resolution of a printer or printing press machine. Print resolution usually runs from 300-1200 dots per inch on a Laser Printer and 125-225 dots per inch for photographic images on a print brochure.DPI is a property of a print graphic and determines how it prints - its size and quality as printing is done by using individual dots of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK), lots of them, giving an impression of continuity.