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It is an inline frame. The frame is treated as though it were an image or table. As the content page acts as its own frameset, the problem of bookmarking a specific navigation/content page is overcome.

Image map

Areas of an image on a web page that links to other areas of the Web. Some types of images map can have alt tags on the areas, while others have text links. They are often used for geographic interfaces such as location guides.

Internet Protocol (IP)

It is a scheme for assigning a unique identifier to all the devices connected to the internet.

‘Devices’ include computers, servers, printers, PDA’s and modems.

Each device is assigned, and can be identified by, a unique address; a series of numbers.

For example, the IP address of the server that hosts the Web world Experts website is:

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

A company that provides internet access.