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Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

A language for vector graphics coded in XML. XML documents can have these graphics placed directly into the document, with many advantages. SVG produces graphics that are smaller, transmit more quickly, are scalable without loss of resolution, can have searchable text labels, and allow links to part of an image. It is being developed by the W3C.


A script font is one that looks alike to cursive writing or handwriting. Script fonts are best used for decoration, and they can often be difficult to read. Keep in mind that many script fonts are special and not found on all computers - so use this style with caution.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

It involves a strategic approach to driving/attracting users to a website.

Search engine optimisation(SEO)

It is a process or strategy for creating a webpage content to improve a website’s relevance ranking on a search engine results page (SERP).


It provides an overview of a website content in a manner similar to the contents page of a book.


Unsolicited commercial email or ‘spam’ is email, typically of a marketing or nefarious intent, not requested by the recipient.


A document that defines a technology for the Web and it comprises of how to use the technology, the tags or elements, and any dependencies.


It is a program run by a search engine to build a summary of a website’s content. It creates a text-based summary of content and an address for each webpage.

Streaming, streaming media

Streaming describes multimedia content that is played as it is downloaded. RealAudio, Real Video and QuickTime movies are examples of streaming media.

Structured Query Language

It allows a user to access information from or update a database.

For example, a list of products may be stored in a database. The information is to be displayed on your site is the item name, price, colour options, etc. To display this, your site would 'query' the database for information on each product. SQL provides the formal syntax for this request.

System font

Along with the typefaces installed with a browser, the typefaces used by the computer operating system (system fonts) are often considered web-safe. (Operating systems include Windows 2000, Windows XP, Classic Macintosh and Macintosh OS X).