Our Website Add-ons

Website Add-ons are a great way to add smart & visually appealing features as well as dynamic & database driven features to your website thereby making it more attractive & interactive for your visitors.

From simple addons like website search, latest news module to full fledged components like a blog, newsletter and email list management, event calendar and document management, we have an add-on to cater to all your requirements. Browse the list of our addons below & do review the working demonstration or examples of each of them to actually preview all features before you plan to buy!

In some special cases, we may also extend the features of our add-ons (at no additional cost to you) to match your requirements so do write to us if you require any additional features which our standard add-ons do not support.


Flash Header Design

A Flash Header provides an animated & flashy introduction to your website. It is an excellent way to catch the attention of your visitors & encourage them to read your content & possibly buy products/services or move closer to your conversion objective. Follow the links below to view a few flash headers (& websites) designed by us.

View Example 1 » Cuantum Solar
View Example 2 » Advantal

Flash Intro / Splash Screen (SEO Friendly)

Do you still think that flash intros & website splash screens are not SEO Friendly?
Think again!
Now you can have that first impact on your visitors using SEO friendly flash intros & splash screens!

Introduce your company or website objective with an animated flash intro to make that lasting First Impact & we guarantee to integrate your flash intro into your website in a 100% SEO friendly manner so that Google and other search engines stay happy!

View a Working Demo of an SEO friendly flash intro / splash screen.

Animated Flip Book

This is a magazine styled online flip book which presents content in front of the users in the form of an animated book. This is the nice way to create digital editions of your magazines, catalogues etc.

You can turn a page by clicking or dragging at the corner of the page. The flips feels very natural & is almost glitch free and the performance is already very good. We will digitize your content, documents & images to run inside our flipping book.

View Flip Book Demo »

Page Curl Effect

This effect makes your web pages appear as if the pages have been bent slightly at the top right corner and when the mouse is moved over the curl, it uncovers to reveal the information below it. This is a nice place to embed special offers, seasonal promotions and any other information you don’t want your customers to miss out!

View Page Curl Demo »

3D Image Cube

This 3D Image Cube is an image slider in the form of a cube which can be flipped, twisted, spinned & sliced to create very smart & animated image effects. Click on the link below to see 3D Image Cube in action!

3D Image Cube Demo »

JavaScript Image Slider

Another Image Slider which creates a total of 9 different image effects like SliceDown, SliceUp, Fold, Fade etc. This JavaScript Image Slider can be used to create Website Headers & Image Slideshows but the primary advantage of this Image Slider over others is that it does not depent on Flash to render these effects.

JavaScript Image Slider Demo »

3D Flash Carousal

A 3D Flash Carousal is a nice & attractive flash animation used to organize a few objects, links or icons to catch user's attention. Initially used by Amazon, 3D Flash Carousals have become one of the smartest animations on the Internet today.

Did you notice that we are also using a “3D Carousal” on our website to display our Six Services Offerings? Scroll to the top of this page & click on the “Services” link from the main menu to see 3D Carousal animation in action.


Jazz up your site with Flash!

Flash Header: Let’s enhance the IMPACT of your main message with a simple & elegant flash animation consisting of text & image effects.

View Example 1

View Example 2

Stay Connected with your visitors with a Blog

Blog: Give your visitors a reason to return to your website by providing them the most updated information from your industry/domain.

Have some photos to highlight on your website?

Photo Gallery: Let’s put them in a Photo Gallery and put it on your website for your visitors to view individual photos or as a slideshow.

View Demo

Enable your website visitors to subscribe & stay updated.

Newsletter Manager: The gathered list can be used for providing more relevant information to your visitors or for marketing campaigns.