I had a limited budget for the project and hence outsourcing was my only option. I contacted a variety of companies but Webworld Experts impressed me most with the quality, the price as well as their impressive portfolio. Taking into the account the time difference the degree of responsiveness and the focus of the team on communication aspect was absolutely brilliant to say the least. The sales team did a satisfactory job as far as understanding my requirements and finalizing the project scope was concerned. There were some changes at a later stage due to me changing some features but still the team did a decent job of making sure that the project costs are still kept in check. The technical expertise of my contact point was brilliant and the design team also showed a good amount of proficiency in the designs skills. Overall I think that I made the right decision in proceeding with this company.

  • JK Sports Management, Hogehilweg 22, 1101 CD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • +31 (681)-536-404
Jesse Korf
Gym Planner

Based on reviews and intuition, we chose Web World Experts to build our website. We made the right decision!

Their communication skills are excellent. I was kept abreast of my project's progress and an expert was assigned to each phase of its development. They asked the right questions in order to ensure understanding on both sides. Their questions made us rethink what we wanted out of our site.

I am extremely impressed with their customer service, integrity and commitment to deliver a solid project. All of my questions were answered so that I had full understanding. I was taught to edit my site and have become relatively wordpress fluent as a result of working with Web World Experts. I learned a lot about my own communication skills in the process and enjoyed working with Web World Experts. I highly recommend them and will use their services again.

I commend Web World Experts on their professionalism. They continue to be available to me to answer any questions I may have.

  • 11110 Ohio Ave #104 Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • +1 (310)-882-3111
Jasmine Gant
The Pan Africanist

Webworld Experts worked very well with the information I was able to provide. The design skills & creativity displayed were exceptional and completely in tune with what my product needs in today’s fast paced market place. The bits & pieces coming in from my end were perceived and interpreted very well and the team at Webworld Experts knew what questions to ask & was very familiar with the process of bringing an idea to life! The communication was good even when we were located at the opposite sides of the globe. I was thoroughly impressed with the Account Manager dedicated to my project and his ability to see inside of my head. He was uncanny at interpreting my visions and did an incredible job at helping me keep the communication organized throughout the project. I will always recommend you to everyone that are not in my same industry as mine :-) as I feel I have an advantage over others in my industry by retaining you are my secret design firm. Thank you Webworld Experts!

  • PO Box 950, Haiku, Hawaii
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Jason Harris
Binger Springs

We were completely blown away with the first drafts! Each logo option was so good that it became quite difficult for us to choose the one we wanted to move further with. Besides the logo, Webworld Experts also designed our business stationery & website and we are highly pleased with the final result. Also, I was very comfortable with the account manager associated with my project. He was very helpful and always eager to help with smart technical advice & consultation. I am completely satisfied with Webworld Experts and would proudly recommend them to anyone who seeks professional & beautiful design & programming services!

  • 6351 (15-6) Second Floor, Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt
  • +91 (925)-409-3745
Sanjay Laul
Real Tree Marketing

Webworld Experts practically "Over Delivered" our expectations! They could quickly understand our requirements based on the RFP document we sent and suggested various options possible for implementation. Their technical skills and knowledge are phenomenal when it comes to web/online technologies. I particularly liked their development process which created some output for us to review at the end of each stage and there were revision cycles in each phase so in a sense the team made sure that what they were developing matched my likings and requirements and at the same time I was satisfied that the team was going on the right track. In addition, your demonstration workspace also made sense from all perspectives. I am completely satisfied with Webworld Experts and will gladly recommend them.

  • 106 Sushant Tower, Sector 56, Gurgaon
  • +91 (991)-009-7871
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Ashish Thakral
Advantal Technologies

Webworld Experts were great to work with. Not only was the price and turnaround time extremely reasonable, the service provided was excellent. I received multiple logos for my company and they even provided the source files for two different logos because I had such a hard time choosing between two very original and great designs. I highly recommend the team at Webworld Experts and look forward to working with them again.

  • 6704 Gray Ct, Arvada, CO 80003 US
  • +1 (303)-883-6401
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Jason Schlosky
Velcro City Records

I did a lot of research before choosing Web World Experts to develop a logo, website, and stationary for my business. My decision was based not only on their competitive price but also their great portfolio. I couldn't be happier with my decision. They exceeded my expectations and were able to deliver a high quality website and logo at an affordable price. Their team worked closely with me through the entire process and the questionnaires I answered relating to the design helped to ensure all of my needs were met. They proved to be not only trustworthy but also genuine in regards to all aspects of the project. I plan on working with them again in the future and will recommend Web World Experts to anyone in need of the services they provide.

  • 505 N Sam Houston Pkwy E ste 630, Houston, TX
  • +1 (713)-999-1003
Ryan Conley
C & C Personnel, LLC

With this email, I would like to thank Webworld Experts for building my website! I engaged with them after reviewing their wonderful website which I liked a lot. Their design process was really helpful, we went step by step in everything & the first questionnaire was worth it. The designer had good creative skills and drafted my ideas well. My feedback on the design was also taken into consideration and revised designs were presented for my review. Overall, I liked the professionalism & the quality of service provided by Webworld Experts and would gladly recommend them to anybody looking for web design & development services.

  • Zona Franca Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
  • +1 (809)-970-3503
Aimée Díaz
New Logic Leads

WWE provided excellent service in redesigning the barecollection.com website. They were timely, responsive, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend their services and look forward to having WWE develop new features for our website as our business grows.

  • Los Angeles, California
  • +1 (323)-938-8787
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Jeet Sohal
Bare Collection

Webworld Experts was recommended to me by former colleague of mine. The team allocated to my project showed good understanding and insight to my needs & quickly understood the task at hand. Their design skills were good and the team was quick to make the corrections based on my comments/feedback. Overall, the delivery was professional, quality was fine and cost was fair. Communication was also okay and the project was delivered in a very professional and timely manner.

  • Skæringvej 94, 4, DK-8520 Lystrup, Denmark
  • +45 (61)-30-3451
Morten Qvistgaard
Plesso Aps

One look at Webworld Expert’s own website and their impressive portfolio prompted me to choose this company for working on my project. Communicating with a team located overseas was a bit of a hassle sometimes but still the team always accommodated me and made sure that all my requests were responded to within a quick timeframe. Even though my requirements were a little complex the sales team did a pretty good job in clearly defining the scope of work. They were also very transparent with the add ons and let me know the features for which additional efforts were required and always got my prior approval before implementing the same. The technical skills of the Project Manager was also first class but the design team was somewhat dependent on me for providing the suggestions and I feel that they have could have done a little better on that front. All in all taking everything into consideration I felt that the job they did and the product delivered were brilliant and I’ll be surely recommending the company to other people as well.

  • Burlingame, CA, United States
  • +1 (310)-384-4227
Riad Bekhit

The web design experience with your company has been great and I would definitely recommend your services to others seeking designing websites from scratch.

The team offered extensive experience and great customer service. It is a big team so sometimes the message takes time to travel through the ranks but overall I am satisfied with the level of service.

Thank you for all your help

  • Brisbane, Australia
  • +61 (433)-505641
Nori Calembar
True North Life Coaching

Webworld Experts exhibited a great amount of professionalism while working on my project and impressed me right away with a detailed analysis report on how my website was performing. Another thing I liked about the team was they didn’t just stick to run of the mill technical things but went out of their way to make suggestions related to content and adding new pages which helped in gaining the results in a quicker fashion. The team was always available to answer any questions that I had and in addition to this the skills of the people working on my project was also excellent to say the least. I am very impressed with company on all three fronts of professionalism, quality offered and finally the cost on offer. This company is highly efficient and I would certainly be referring these guys to anyone looking for the same kind of services.

  • Malaga, Spain
  • +34 (659)-168217
Daria Doubinina

A superb company with outstanding quality of service, very competitive rates, and provided by very professional people is how I will describe Webworld Experts! I wish more companies had the same level of service and care in their work... the designers at Webworld Experts are highly skilled & creative with excellent design ideas. I don’t think we would have been able to have such a detailed & well designed website delivered in time & within budget without Webworld Experts – the services provided by them were absolutely first class!

The design drafts created for our website were excellent and when we wanted additional ideas there was no problem in creating more designs. The project was completed timely and within the initial budget, any extras were clearly priced before hand and we never had to wait for new specs/designs. The Account Manager dedicated to our project was always available and ready to answer any questions regardless of how basic they might have been... I felt like nothing was too much trouble! I think their business processes and deadline commitment are second to none.

Webworld Experts is a real find! I would use them time and time again and recommend them to anyone or any business that is looking to create a solid online presence.

  • 372 Old Street, London, UK
  • +44 (0)-207-193-5119
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Emma Crawford
Which Consulting Ltd.

Zeiler Insurance is a small Insurance Agency based out of Chicago, Illinois. We have been a family business since 1915. Since the beginning of the business, we have had a Trademark Character that symbolizes our service. WEBWORLD EXPERTS helped us bring this Character to life. The quality of images produced by WEBEWORLD EXPERTS are outstanding. The timeliness and turnaround of work done is even better. If there was a problem, we addressed it, and WEDWORLD EXPERTS responded in a way that fixed the problem and gave us 100% satisfaction in their service. I would recommend WEDWORLD EXPERTS to any small business owner

  • 3660 E. 106th Street, Chicago, IL 60617
  • +1 (708)-597-5900
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Lucas R. Zeiler
Zeiler Insurance Services, Inc.

Webworld offers "no fuss, amazing, speedy & high quality web design and development services". I don’t think our website could have been completed on time and within budget without their support. We already had a draft of how our website should look like and the finishing touches their designer did to our draft were absolutely in tune with our thoughts. Interaction with them during the development of project was very smooth with friendly and honest attitude from their end. Communication with our Account Manager was always easy to understand and consistently on time. I'll give them a perfect 10/10 for professionalism, quality of services & pricing which I think are second to none! I was already recommended to Webworld Experts by a friend and would gladly recommend them to others who need high quality web design services.

  • 208A North End Road, West Kensington, London UK
  • +44 (0)-20-7386-5643
Kate Zwolinska
Lumena Ltd.

Webworld Expert had a clear understanding of what was required and they showed great commitment in providing me a valuable product. The team was very professional in terms of communication and updates were shared in a timely manner, also the project manager assigned on my project was very helpful and always provided valuable suggestion to make the project a huge success. Webworld team is reliable and very particular about committed delivery timeframe.

  • +234 (0)-818-401-7063, +44(0)-797-922-1890
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Wayne Omonuwa
Desktop based Invoicing Software

When I visited Webworld website, there were some factors that encouraged me to do business with this company and that were skill, clarity in terms of the relation between logo & brand name, creativity, and presentation. The team was highly professional in terms of communication and delivery, I was kept informed during each step of the project and was also given proper guidance which is appreciable and satisfactory. Designers are highly skillful and they envisioned the logo exactly as per my requirement. I would give 5 stars for company professionalism, quality of service and cost. I would love to recommend Webworld to a colleague, friend, or business associate who are keen about quality of work, service, communication, time and cost for their project. I may come to do a new project with Webworld soon.

  • +881-888-8869
Prasann Shivhare
Tavish Group

I have had prior experience with Webworld as they had created another website for our company. I have been very happy with the outcome. Initially, time zone was a bit of a concern, but Webworld team handled the communication without any hassle. Also emails were very clear in responding to any questions, or changes. . I was very happy with the outcome of the scope of works, and the patience and persistence in seeing the project completed from Webworld end. They met the budget target very well. Team was quick in giving responses and was also available to speak in person, when I needed clarification. As a suggestion, Webworld design team could make suggestions to clients if they don't think something looks right. They did this for me on a few occasions. I would definitely recommend Webworld.

  • +03-9729-1777
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Kathy Rusling
Profile Plastics

Webworld's website offered clear details about the services they offer and the examples of previous work showcased were helpful too. The team involved in the project was very attentive and responsive also the project manager assigned was technically very sound and was very professional. Webworld Experts provides quality of service up to your utmost satisfaction within your budget range, and I would definitely recommend Webworld

DU Couture Ltd

Cost was the main factor that encouraged me to choose Webworld Expert, Team was very responsive and the communication was excellent though time zone issue prevented immediate attention. Sales team understood the requirements very well and defined the scope perfectly which helped in keeping the project within budget. Project manager involved in the project was excellent alongwith the designers whose creativity was of high class. I am very much satisfied with the overall professionalism & quality of service and would definitely recommend Webworld as they are great value for the cost.

  • APC of Stamford, Inc., 55 Bowman Drive, 1st Fl, Greenwich, CT 06831
  • +203-327-6077, +203-325-3218
Dan Nelson
Marcs Addition