Webworld Expert had a clear understanding of what was required and they showed great commitment in providing me a valuable product. The team was very professional in terms of communication and updates were shared in a timely manner, also the project manager assigned on my project was very helpful and always provided valuable suggestion to make the project a huge success. Webworld team is reliable and very particular about committed delivery timeframe.

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Wayne Omonuwa
Desktop based Invoicing Software

When I visited Webworld website, there were some factors that encouraged me to do business with this company and that were skill, clarity in terms of the relation between logo & brand name, creativity, and presentation. The team was highly professional in terms of communication and delivery, I was kept informed during each step of the project and was also given proper guidance which is appreciable and satisfactory. Designers are highly skillful and they envisioned the logo exactly as per my requirement. I would give 5 stars for company professionalism, quality of service and cost. I would love to recommend Webworld to a colleague, friend, or business associate who are keen about quality of work, service, communication, time and cost for their project. I may come to do a new project with Webworld soon.

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Prasann Shivhare
Tavish Group

I have had prior experience with Webworld as they had created another website for our company. I have been very happy with the outcome. Initially, time zone was a bit of a concern, but Webworld team handled the communication without any hassle. Also emails were very clear in responding to any questions, or changes. . I was very happy with the outcome of the scope of works, and the patience and persistence in seeing the project completed from Webworld end. They met the budget target very well. Team was quick in giving responses and was also available to speak in person, when I needed clarification. As a suggestion, Webworld design team could make suggestions to clients if they don't think something looks right. They did this for me on a few occasions. I would definitely recommend Webworld.

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Kathy Rusling
Profile Plastics

Webworld's website offered clear details about the services they offer and the examples of previous work showcased were helpful too. The team involved in the project was very attentive and responsive also the project manager assigned was technically very sound and was very professional. Webworld Experts provides quality of service up to your utmost satisfaction within your budget range, and I would definitely recommend Webworld

DU Couture Ltd

Cost was the main factor that encouraged me to choose Webworld Expert, Team was very responsive and the communication was excellent though time zone issue prevented immediate attention. Sales team understood the requirements very well and defined the scope perfectly which helped in keeping the project within budget. Project manager involved in the project was excellent alongwith the designers whose creativity was of high class. I am very much satisfied with the overall professionalism & quality of service and would definitely recommend Webworld as they are great value for the cost.

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Dan Nelson
Marcs Addition

I worked with Webworld Experts in the past and had such a positive experience that when it came time for me to need website and logo design for my new business I contacted them without hesitation because I knew they do high quality work at a great price. They follows a very effective process and they provided a number of different designs until the design matched the exact requirement. I would rate the design skills & designer creativity very high also the communication & professionalism were of high standards. I would highly recommend Webworld Experts for the quality of work, pricing & professionalism.

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Ryan Conley
Spectris Staffing