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Link farm

A link farm is a page with an excessive number of hyperlinks.

Unless links are grouped into clear categories (that allow a user to focus on a specific section of the screen) this can result in 'navigation overload'. A user is forced to read every link to find the information they are seeking.

Nearly link farms are removed from their directories when the search engines find them. And many also penalize other sites that link to them.


It describes the way that branding and communication messages are reflected the design of a website.

‘Look’ relates to the visual design aspects of a website: type-size, page layout, etc.

‘Feel’ relates to the experience of using a website.

For example, when using a website does a person find it to be friendly, formal, helpful or confusing?

There are similarities between website ‘feel’ and the field of ergonomics. Positive feel is often due to a good fit between what a person is seeking to achieve, and how the website works.

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum or Lipsum is random text. It is a common piece of garble that designers use as mock-content when testing layouts. It has been well established that if you write anything in a sample layout or design, people will spend more time reading the copy than looking at the full concept.